Mastering Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone has fallen asleep?  Sounds funny doesn’t it.  But does it feel funny?  Imagine hearing someone snoring beside you!  It’s pretty horrible…and what’s more, it’s more common than you realise!

Most employees attend roughly 62 meetings per month
Managers spend 50% – 75% of their working day in meetings

Over half of all meetings are considered ‘a waste’
The average attendee will daydream, sleep or try and multi-task during meetings

Think about how much time and money is wasted in your company each week due to inefficient and ineffective meetings.  Not to mention what this does to team morale.

So, what can you do about it?

In our energising and inspiring workshops, we’ll cover all sorts of topics to make your meetings zing.  You’ll learn practical things you can implement and pass on to colleagues.  You’ll come away with a greater understanding of what motivates people, how to judge if you’ve lost someone to a daydream and how to bring them back.  You’ll feel motivated and will be hearing people itching to get going.

Topics include:

  1. Mindpower: understanding the dynamics of relationships
  2. Communication: what to do to improve communication
  3. Moods and emotions: managing moods and emotions that aren’t serving the overall outcome
  4. Trouble-makers: handling the devil’s advocate in the room
  5. Keep on track: tools and techniques avoiding detours
  6. Agenda settings: understanding their real purpose and creating a great one
  7. Do’s and don’ts: what to do and what not to do during the meeting
  8. Finally: closing meeting effectively
  9. What’s next?: ensuring follow-ups and actions are carried out as agreed

Watch your meetings light up – they will never be the same again!

Who should attend?

Anyone who attends meetings on regular basis including senior management who lead multiple teams and want to up the game of their teams.  If you have any influence at all on how meetings are organised, run and managed then this is for you.

Your workshop facilitators

Rachel Jenkins – Founder of Redking
Rachel has worked in corporate technology for over 20 years and has experienced meetings of all shapes and sizes.  Through her extensive coaching experience, she has gained valuable insights into why meetings can be so frustrating and time-wasting and has designed this workshop to share a better way and improve the lives of those who attend meetings and also have a positive impact on the organisations overall efficiency and profits.

Paola Scandurra – Trainer, Coach and Mindset Makeover Enthusiast
Paola’s passion for learning and development has propelled her through 17 years as a leadership facilitator and team coach in a global hospitality brand. She has witnessed the expense involved in endless unproductive meetings and how most companies allow anyone in the organisation to call a meeting almost at will, whilst never teaching how to hold effective meetings. Paola will share some key principles for productive and effective business focused meetings.


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Bespoke Workshops

If you have more than 4 delegates who would benefit from this workshop, we can come to you.  Providing this bespoke to your requirements is a great way to make a quick and lasting impact in a team or across the board.  For more information, call now on 0203 036 0522 or email



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